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Spine Surgery Camp at Shraddha Hospital: 28th June 2015

Case 1 was a case of spondylolisthesis. Its a condition where a vertebra above slips over vertebra below. After surgery normal alignment is restored and that segment is fused using two screws below and two screws above, joining them by a rod.Second patient was already operated with endoscopic disc removal 7 years back but started having pain again since last one year. This time microscopic disc removal was done and again the segment was fused as described in case 1.Case 3 was a young man of 18, who had a slipped vertebra due to a birth defect. Here the alignment was restored by open surgery and fusion. Last case was a middle aged man with a slipped disc compressing over the nerve root supplying the left lower limb. Due to this, patient had severe lower limb pain and couldn’t walk beyond a few steps. For him micro discetomy was done and he was made to walk next day.

Team of three expert Orthopedic surgeons lead by Dr.Ketan S Khurjekar performed these procedures.

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Arthroscopic shoulder surgery now at Shraddha Hospital.

Reputed Arthroscopic Surgeon, Dr. Nilesh Kamat performed arthroscopic Bankart’s operation in Sangli. Mr. Yadav from Karad , a hotelier,who used to dislocate his Rt shoulder every now and then,even during sleep, was advised to go to Mumbai for his ailment. After getting this surgery done in Sangli ,he is home on third day. Dr. Kamat will visit Shraddha Hospital every month to address problems of patients with shoulder pain.

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