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One window solution

An array of services like general surgery, oncology, plastic surgery, urology and practically all orthopaedic sub-specialties are  available at our setup which practically gives one window solution to the needs of scores people.

Improving Standards

Having realized that change should be the only constant moto for people working in this field we keep competing with ourselves and keep raising the bar of competency and skills

Qualified Doctors

A fleet of experienced and expert doctors is our USP which can easily give confidence to the ailing ones

Modern equipments

Our state of art diagnostic equipments like digital xray and ultramodern sonograpthy machine enable us to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.  Also  operating theatre tools like IITV ,latest reaming and drilling systems us to comfortably sail through the patient management protocols.

Projection room for patients and staff education

We have a facility to run videos pertaining to various surgeries, physiotherapy programmes etc ​which convinces the patient about the outcome of surgeries and facilitates their understanding of exercise schedules and post operative care. This also happens to be an important tool for educating the staff  members.

Services of a medical officer

Availability of a medical officer round the clock gives confidence to feeders that their patients will be well attended on Sundays and at odd hours.

ICU Backup

Since we have a three bedded ICU with cardiac monitors, central O2 and Fowler’s beds, visiting surgeons don’t hesitate to operate complicated cases in our hospital and anaesthetists too would venture doing cases which otherwise they would have refused in ordinary set-ups.

Stretcher lift with generator back up

Many patients would prefer our set up for this single feature. Since they envisage lifting their patients on a stretcher or over a staircase in other hospitals, this truly is a luxury for them.

Visiting super specialists

We have a regularly visiting spine surgeon, a couple of arthroplasty surgeons, a paediatric orthopaedic surgeon and a regularly visiting plastic surgeon.This enables us to deliver super sspeciality services

Attached physiotherapy

No other hospital in Sangli has as well equipped a physiotherapy centre as we have.  This improves our results, becomes convenient to the patients and adds to the satisfaction of the patient and surgeon both.

Diagnostic facilities under one roof

  • Ultrasound facility
  • Inhouse sonography facility
  • Digital 300 mA Xray machine –

Double speciality

Quite a few accident patients have associated chest or head injury. Owner of the hospital being specialised in both the fields ( Gen Surgery and Orthopaedics )can easily entertain these patients who otherwise would be refused by general orthopaedic surgeons