In Bhagvad Gita,Lord Krishna has said- न हि ज्ञानेन सदृशं पवित्रमिह विद्यते!  Nothing else is as sacred as imparting knowledge.) Freshly reinforced team of Shraddha Hospital,replete with recently acquired knowledge,glutted with enthusiasm yet humble with attitude of being life long students has de- cided to share and promulgate the various endeavours they undertake.I feel quite elated to hand over this first issue of Shraddha Newsletter to you.

Of late,we are treading on the path of making many superspecialityservic-es available to a common man in and around Sangli. We sincerely believe that if our colleagues are made aware of it, it will go a long way in benefiting the end users. Believe us,by any stretch of imagination, this is no attempt to brag about ourselves. As you would agree with me,knowledge is power. Power to do evil or power to do good.I am more than convinced that many a person belonging to our fraternity will use this information to do good ,to  help the needy. Let me end by quoting Johann Goethe-‘Knowing is not enough,we must apply. Willing is not enough,we must do’.




No shortsighted approach for long segment stenosis!
Consulting Spine Surgeon


A 65 years old male presented with H/O severe right thigh pain since 1 month and difficulty while walking since 1 year .He was tired of taking medications from various places with no relief from the symptoms.

He consulted Dr Himanshu Kulkarni at Shraddha Hospital. After careful clinical examination,MRI and X-ray of
Lumbar spine were advised.MRI revealed a large right paracen-tral extruded and inferiorly migrated disc fragment at L2-3 which was the culprit of the thigh pain. Patient also had severe lumbar canal stenosis at L4-5 and L5-S1 with instabilities.

With patient being a known case of hypertension and IHD, such an extensive procedure was actually a challenge, which was concuered successfully by removing a large disc fragment at L2-3,by doing stabilization from L2-S1 with thorough decompression and transforaminal lumbar inter body fusion at L5-S1. Posterolateral fusion was done too from L2-S1.

Patient recovered without any neurodeficit, started walking from post-operative day 2 and was back to his routine daily activities at the end of 3 weeks!

Shattered shoulder comes to Shraddha’s shelter!
Shoulder Surgeon

A 40 yrs male, traveling on a motorcycle, was dashed by a heavy goods carrier on 04/01/2018. He was brought with wound on anterioraspect of right shoulder. His plain x-ray showed very severely comminuted fracture of proximal humerus. His wound was possibly caused by an inside out injury, i.e.fracture shaft migrating superiorly, tearing the muscles and coming out through skin. Patient was taken to government hospital,where suturing was done. He was admitted to Shraddha Surgical and Accident Hospital,CT scan of shoulder was done,which showed fractured and dislocated humeral head.

Dr.Abhay Kulkarni, Shoulder Surgeon from Pune was consulted.It was decided that an attempt was to be made to reconstruct head by PHILOS fixation to join head to shaft. If this procedure deemed difficult on table, alternative arrangement for shoulder replacement(HemiArthroplasty), was to be performed at the same sitting. Wound was ex-plored via Delto Pectoral Approach going through same incision.

On table, it was found that;humeral head was irreparably damaged and hence couldn’t be reconstructed. Hemi-Arthroplasty using proximal humeral prosthesis by Zimmer was done.Patient got happily discharged on 5th post operative day,and had excellent ROM at 2 months.


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