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About Shraddha Hospital

After having worked in a polyclinic for seven odd years Dr. G. S. Kulkarni decided to shift to a place in heart of the city, in vicinity of the bus stand and in an area popular amongst patients as ‘hospital zone’. Starting with a modest setup of 10 beds in 1992 we have taken rapid strides to expand Shraddha Hospital into a 30 bedded, 4 storied establishment. We now take pride in having a superspeciality enterprise complete with state of the art operation theatre, X-Ray unit, Physiotherapy unit and post-operative ICU. With a lot of dedication and hard work the hospital has taken another step in the continuously on going quest of excellence and has been awarded prestigious NABH Accreditation by Nation Accreditation Beard for Hospitals.


These days we hear people talking about ‘Evidence Based Medicine’. Machines are taking over the job of diagnosis from doctors. We believe that ‘medicine is not mathematics’ and boast about the highest level of clinical acumen of our doctors in diagnosing the ailments. What’s more, in spite of having an infrastructure of a corporate sector, we have not parted ways with ‘human touch’. In an era of healthcare being a big ‘business’ we maintain all professional values. In a time where doctor is a vendor and patient is a customer; even by law, we preserve all the sympathy and empathy towards our patients and the value of our humanitarian approach is at par with our professional skills. The mammoth faith, our patients show in us is inversely proportional to the amount of fees that we receive form them. THEIR FAITH IS OUR STRENGTH!


Shraddha Surgical & Accident Hospital


Civil Hospital Chowk, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Sangli-416416, Maharashtra

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Civil Hospital Chowk, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Sangli-416416, Maharashtra